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Filmmaking was always my passion. I see it as an art form of observation that helps me understand the happenings around me.

I attempt to capture my experiences in a unique way so that I can tell stories through my lens. I also love to capture the genuine moments of life that bring out real emotions.

About my style: -

Although everyone can capture video and photos, not all can tell a story. My goal, unlike most event videographers or photographers in the industry is to create dynamic film that ties together emotions between family members and friends through a candid fusion sound, movement, and imagery.

SSF was started by me 2 years ago. Since then, I've created many projects for many happy clients. Visit the site to see my work and contact me if I can help you capture your special day in a way you'll cherish for the rest of our lives.


Filmmaker | Cinematographer | Storyteller


We are proud to introduce each member of our team as an exceptional individual and a master in their respective fields. SSF believes in a single philosophy: leave no stone unturned to elevate wedding photography. Every member of our team strives to capture the precious moments of each couple through beautiful and candid videos & photographs of the ceremony as well as the reception.


Our team has been nurtured with lots of love and care over the years. We also take every opportunity to learn new technical skills. Along with photographing the bride and groom we are also interested to capture the emotions and energy that surround them.

At SSF we are of the firm belief that as humans we may not remember days but we definitely remember the precious moments of our lives & we also know that this is a non-repeatable event and one has to be first time right and as a client when you entrust us with this responsibility, be rest assured that each one of our team members will live up to that.

We are an enthusiastic and passionate group that is driven to do the best work possible. The only thing that keeps us going is the smiles & emotions of the wonderful people we are capturing.

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