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  • Where are you based ?
    We are based in Thane/Mumbai, but location or venue will not be an issue and our team are ready to travel anywhere in India and abroad for taking up your assignment.
  • What is your approach towards making a wedding film?
    If you go through our earlier videos on our website, you will realize that we have a very modern approach towards weddings and we ensure that each video becomes a masterpiece and we seriously mean it. Our videos are not based on trends but content and visuals and last but not the least adept storytelling. It is all about freezing, for eternity, a beautiful fleeting moment in all its glory, and to deliver an enchanting, emotional film that is more a piece of art in itself than just a mere wedding video. We strongly believe in cinema and we want to present a wedding in a refreshing and unique style while still keeping the essence of emotions in place.
  • How much do you charge?
    The cost of the package depends on various factors like size of the team which is involved, the duration in terms of number of days and hours per day that is required to be put in, the location and/or venue and importantly the time of the year in relation to the density of the wedding season prevalent at that time. In some cases we need to put in more hours to interact with the bride/groom and their relatives to understand their requirements and expectations. A detailed requirement input from you will enable us to give a fairly exact and reasonable quote.
  • How big is your team ?
    The basic strength of our team consists of 2-3 cinematographers and an equal number of photographers, who cater to candid and documentary style and they work under the supervision and directions of a Creative Director. However, in case the event requires for any extra technicians, we have a pool of equally talented reserves who can be accommodated, if the need arises. Each of the technician is specialized in his area and fully conversant with different equipment’s and execution of the event is discussed and planned regarding all the finer points like camera placement, positioning and other activities well in advance before the actual event so that the ceremonies are captured in a true to life manner.
  • What are the deliverables ?
    A standard wedding event packages consists of: The Wedding Teaser The Wedding Cinematic Highlight Film Short Edits for Instagram & Facebook Story/Reel Uploads. A Complete Wedding Traditional Film High Resolution Edited Images of the Shoot + Raw Data (Including candid and documentary style)
  • How are the Films & Photographs delivered & When can I expect the delivery ?
    The normal delivery time for photographs is 3 to 4 weeks and for videos it is 10 to 12 weeks. Nevertheless, we try to deliver the everything as soon as possible but to bring out the best in the end work, the work has to entail meticulous post production process and we cannot opt for any short cuts here. You can be rest assured that a little patience from your end will contribute to a beautiful end product. The deliverables are first delivered via a Google Drive link, and all the final outputs are then delivered to the client via a personal pendrive.
  • Do you also arrange for pre wedding shoot and how do you go about it?
    We can definitely arrange for pre wedding shoot if required by the client which is a photo/video shoot of the couple done before the wedding. This photo/video footage can be showcased in the highlight film or as a separate two-minute pre-wedding film that can be shown during the sangeet or the wedding. The pre wedding shoot normally lasts for a day or two. We can suggest the clothes/styling/make up/venue for the pre wedding shoot but the cost needs to be taken care of by the client.
  • Can I opt for only still photographers or video or does the package have to include both?
    We usually prefer and recommend covering both together as synchronization of images and film coverage is the key to a perfect wedding shoot. Much as we try the co-ordination, harmony and team work will be missing if there are two different teams involved,
  • Can we also have additional photographers/videographers along with SSF team?
    We would like to strongly and sincerely recommend to desist from doing so. In the long run it will not only be very much uneconomical but would cause unnecessary obstruction and hamper the smooth flow of our team. We work very closely within our team to ensure we do not obstruct each other's frames and for this very reason we work in exclusivity. A single team can work in a very harmonious manner and can bring out the best.
  • Can SSF prepare a coffee table book or albums of the photographs?
    We can definitely provide the couples with a copy of a coffee table book with edited images and custom designed by our editors. Approximately, 180 images of standard size - 12 inches by fifteen inches can be incorporated per album. You can also opt for a custom designed album and the cost of the album varies depending on the quality, size, designing and number of pages. A top-quality album comes in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.30000
  • Can you make the trailer or a short film of the wedding so that we can show it at the Reception / Last day?
    These are called same-day edits & we can definitely offer that, but this is something that we do not recommend for the simple reason that as the name itself suggests that this edit being done in a single day and in a sort of hurried and rushed manner could take away the essence of the effect that a thorough and dedicated edit has on the end product. But incase you want to hire this service, we can do it - but this entails additional extra cost for the edit work.
  • Can you make me a memory like this even if I'm not getting married?
    Of course, we will be pleased to cover any event and capture the moments with your loved ones and create a visual which you can cherish forever.
  • Are the prices negotiable?
    We are very much confident that our prices are the best in the industry and you may be rest assured that the prices quoted to you is the best price we can do for the scope and quality of the services we’re offering.
  • What are your payment terms ?
    Our normal terms are 30% of the contractual amount as advance on booking, 60% on the first day of coverage and balance 10% on handing over the deliverables.
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